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Episode 8: Monday is the Day for Hikes

In our eight episode, Ingrid and Heidi Scanlon share their trip stories: trips that went well, trips that changed over time, and trips that didn’t go quite as planned!

Episode 7: Boom Boom Ain't It Great?

In our seventh episode, three alums swap their funniest and craziest stories from Fleur de Lis. Pam Fricke talks about being a bearded lady, and Hannah Fricke and Emily Tingle recount a story involving a plunger.

Episode 6: F is for Friends

In our sixth episode, four alumnae talk about their most special friendships at camp. Neely Moore starts by talking about how her friendship with Katherine Crowley began — then Katherine gives her side of the story. After, Katherine Collier and Caroline Foley chat about their funniest camp memories and how their friendship formed at Fleur de Lis.

Episode 5: Tuesday There's a Play

In our fifth episode, we talk about camp productions. Lauren Konopacz talks about how camp productions affected her, Lindsay Heller reminisces on her time directing plays at camp, and Amy Bates talks to Bridget Scollan about their favorite memories of Senior productions.

Episode 4: Free Swim

In our fourth episode, Sarah Heller and Annalisa Nardone talk about their favorite memories in Laurel Lake.

Episode 3: First Day of Camp

In our third episode of After Taps, Amy Bates talks with her mom, Ellie Bates, about what the first day of camp was like for both of them and for Amy’s father. We also read something from camper Kate Constan about her first day of camp.

Episode 2: What real fun is

In our second episode of After Taps, Amy Bates talks with Lexy Heatley about Fleur de Lis Camp, and Lexy’s time as the Camp Director. In addition to Director, Lexy has been a camper, a CT, a staff member, and now, parent of a camper. She shares her camp memories and her thoughts on why camp is so important for kids.

Episode 1: Three Cheers for the Director!

In our first episode, we talk with Diane Foster who served as interim director for a year at Fleur de Lis Camp. Now, she’s the Vice President on the Board of Directors at FdL, but also a parent of two awesome campers. Di shares her views on camp, the camp community, nd why she thinks Fleur de Lis is an “extraordinary place.”

After Taps Podcast


After Taps is a short retelling of a story from a Fleur de Lis Camp alum. Fleur de Lis has an incredibly strong sense of community, which is the main reason girls love the camp experience. And the best way to connect and engage a community is by telling (and re-telling) stories.

Produced by Amy Bates and Hannah Weiner, After Taps episodes will be released once a month starting November 2016.

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