• A yearlong walk down FDL’s memory lane
    POSTED 12.31.13 Blog

    In honor of FDL’s 85th year, we will be adding a new aspect to our Facebook page- Throwback Thursday.  It will be a chance to look back at some great, though possibly embarrassing, moments from years past.  So make sure you check out the page, the first picture will go up January 2nd!
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  • FDL 2013, a reflection in 8 parts harmony*
    POSTED 12.28.13 Blog

    For many years throughout elementary and high school, even into college, I felt compelled to clean out my closet twice a year, usually around Christmas and spring break. I’m sure that the origin of this ritual came at the suggestion of a parent but I just kept doing it. It worked out to my favor, I had the time, and so I sorted and decided what to keep and what to donate or toss.
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  • Twas the night before summer camp
    POSTED 12.24.13 Blog

    In the spirit of the season, I would like to share an excerpt from my favorite holiday tradition, with a camp twist-

    Twas the day before summer camp and all through the fields

    Staff were stirring, their efforts would not yield

    “We will be ready!” they cried

    With WOGS to be cleaned, beds to be moved and tent flaps to be tied.

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  • The password for today is QWERTY.
    POSTED 12.21.13 Blog

    This year at school I learned something interesting about the setup of our computer keyboards. The QWERTY arrangement that we are all so used to uses inefficient letter placement and can cause severe damage to the joints in our fingers. When typewriters were first invented, the arrangement was different but the parts of the machine were constantly jamming because people became such speedy typists. So, keyboards across the world adopted the less efficient and more damaging QWERTY arrangement as a way of avoiding machinery glitches. In the real world, it is rare to find another example like the typewriter in which we knowingly prevent ourselves from achieving perfect efficiency.
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  • Getting to know the 2013 staff- Lady Jazmin Belcoure- a correction*
    POSTED 12.16.13 Blog

    In her staff profile, Lady Jazmin’s “Something not everyone knows about me” fact was that she was pregnant. In the spirit of transparency, this fact is no longer accurate. As of December 14, 2013, Lady Jazmin transition from pregnancy to motherhood. We could not be happier for her or more excited to meet her new little addition. Congratulations, Lady Jazmin (and Ed)!
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  • Lively and quick, certainly but not Saint Nick
    POSTED 12.13.13 Blog

    In a season dominated by the image of a somewhat portly, jolly man in a red suit, I find myself thinking about my own experiences with Santa. Except in my case, Santa was a not at all portly, rather surly camp ranger who exclusively wore camp T-shirt that he had cut the sleeves off of. I am not speaking of our dear Richard Whipple but another of his profession, who cemented my appreciation for the very specific species of man known as ranger or caretaker or maintenance manager or some derivation therein.
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  • Getting to know the 2013 staff- Lady Katherine Collier*
    POSTED 12.10.13 Blog

    I know that, more often than not, it is my name that appears on the bottom of these posts but today, I would like to take some time to introduce one of our amazing staff members who was always happy to pitch in her musings about the goings on at FDL- Lady Katherine Collier.
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  • 2014 Wish List
    POSTED 12.7.13 Blog

    Since it is a time of lists, I thought it only fair to share the FDL 2014 Wish List-

    Plastic hangers for the costume closet, skirt hangers (with the clips) for the costume closet, ironing board (for sewing class), water skis (large & small sizes), kitchen chairs to be used for staff in the dining hall, floating candles (150) for Galilean, emergency candles (200) for Closing Campfire, ski boat for waterskiing/tubing, ski boom for teaching waterskiing, life jackets—30-50lbs (2), life jackets—50-90lbs (6), life jackets—90+lbs (6 in M&L sizes), laptops with wireless ability for staff use (ideally with MS office installed), GPS units (2) to be used on trips, duct tape (for crafts, various colors), embroidery floss (for crafts), Modge Podge (for arts class & crafts classes), construction paper, Sharpies (4 sets of 8-colors), black Sharpie markers (12), masking tape (1”), scotch tape (3/4”),ping pong balls (2 dozen), clear contact paper (2 rolls), brown powder paint (12 jars), paint brushes, assorted sizes (for backdrop painting), ipod docking system (for dining hall), sponges (for ceramics room to clean with), Zip-lock bags (quart & gallon size—to keep clay moist between classes in ceramics room) and plastic plates (ceramics room)
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  • Pumpkin pie or peppermint ice cream
    POSTED 12.3.13 Blog

    After Halloween, I was left considering the ample opportunity that camp grants to keep dressing up while getting to be ourselves. The spread on Thanksgiving only proved to remind me of other similar meals, served when there was no hope of snow on the ground and dinner was followed by a show and then campfire. In the FDL world, turkey and stuffing are greeted as tradition and feared because they always signal the end of something. Senior Banquet always means that a session has come to an end and we will have to say goodbye to friends and, perhaps, even camp itself.
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  • Getting to know the 2013 staff- a favorite family story*
    POSTED 11.28.13 Blog

    When I asked the staff for their favorite story from camp, I expected lots of different answers. I even anticipated getting some similar tales from old camp friends, reliving fond shared memories; I did not foresee getting the same story from Lady Pam (also known affectionately as “OLP) and her first born, Lady Emma. What was more touching was that this memory they shared was a moment experienced by the entire camp, one that embodies a truly remarkable aspect of FDL-
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