2014 Wish List
POSTED 12.7.13 Blog

Since it is a time of lists, I thought it only fair to share the FDL 2014 Wish List-

Plastic hangers for the costume closet, skirt hangers (with the clips) for the costume closet, ironing board (for sewing class), water skis (large & small sizes), kitchen chairs to be used for staff in the dining hall, floating candles (150) for Galilean, emergency candles (200) for Closing Campfire, ski boat for waterskiing/tubing, ski boom for teaching waterskiing, life jackets—30-50lbs (2), life jackets—50-90lbs (6), life jackets—90+lbs (6 in M&L sizes), laptops with wireless ability for staff use (ideally with MS office installed), GPS units (2) to be used on trips, duct tape (for crafts, various colors), embroidery floss (for crafts), Modge Podge (for arts class & crafts classes), construction paper, Sharpies (4 sets of 8-colors), black Sharpie markers (12), masking tape (1”), scotch tape (3/4”),ping pong balls (2 dozen), clear contact paper (2 rolls), brown powder paint (12 jars), paint brushes, assorted sizes (for backdrop painting), ipod docking system (for dining hall), sponges (for ceramics room to clean with), Zip-lock bags (quart & gallon size—to keep clay moist between classes in ceramics room) and plastic plates (ceramics room)

It is long, I know but we have lots of plans for an amazing summer in 2014 and beyond. Happy holidays!

-Lady Sarena