• After Taps Episode 3: First Day of Camp
    POSTED 12.24.16 Blog

    In our third episode of After Taps, Amy Bates talks with her mom, Ellie Bates, about what the first day of camp was like for both of them and for Amy’s father. We also read something from camper Kate Constan about her first day of camp.
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  • Mark your winter calendars!
    POSTED 12.21.16 Blog

    After the holidays comes another form of celebration for Fleur de Lis: camp fairs! Lady Hannah Weiner will be traveling all over the New England area (including New Jersey and Washington, DC), so if you’re near any of these spots and want to drop in to say hello, email Lady Hannah at hannah@fleurdeliscamp.org.
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  • After Taps Episode 2: What real fun is
    POSTED 12.6.16 Blog

    In our second episode of After Taps, Amy Bates talks with Lexy Heatley about Fleur de Lis Camp, and Lexy’s time as the Camp Director. In addition to Director, Lexy has been a camper, a CT, a staff member, and now, parent of a camper. She shares her camp memories and her thoughts on why camp is so important for kids.

    There are multiple ways you can listen to After Taps: listen on Soundcloud or by clicking here, or on iTunes by subscribing to the Fleur de Lis Camp Blog.
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  • Why our camp has an Ambassador program
    POSTED 11.12.16 Blog

    Here’s something that’s true: no one knows camp like campers do, no one loves camp like campers do, and no one is more excited about camp than campers are.
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  • After Taps Episode 1: Three Cheers for the Director
    POSTED 11.9.16 Blog

    Our first podcast episode is officially online!

    In our first episode, we talk with Diane Foster who served as interim director for a year at Fleur de Lis Camp. Now, she’s the Vice President on the Board of Directors at FdL, but also a parent of two awesome campers. Di shares her views on camp, the camp community, nd why she thinks Fleur de Lis is an “extraordinary place.”

    The podcast will be available on iTunes by the end of the week, but for now, listen on Soundcloud or by clicking here.
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  • Italian food, camp friends, and charity
    POSTED 10.31.16 Blog

    On Friday, November 4 at Salvatore’s in Boston, Fleur de Lis Camp alumnae will gather to eat seafood and raise money for Circle of Fleur de Lis. We’ll have great Italian food, dancing, and a silent auction to top off a fantastic Friday night on the seaport.
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  • A camp podcast: stories from you
    POSTED 10.24.16 Blog

    We have exciting news!

    Fleur de Lis Camp is starting a podcast called After Taps. Each episode will feature a different camp alum telling a story about their time at camp. Episodes are less than 10 minutes and will be shared two times a month. Every month has a different topic, too! In November, we will kick off the podcast with stories from Fleur de Lis Camp directors.
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  • What is the best and worst part of camp?
    POSTED 9.13.16 Blog

    This part isn’t out of the ordinary:

    Every summer before campers depart, we hand them a piece of paper that asks a lot of questions. Things like: “Were your counselors welcoming?” and “What activities did you want to try, but didn’t?” and “Rate the camp food on a scale of 1-5.”
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  • A day in the life of a camper at FdL
    POSTED 8.18.16 Blog

    By Edie, 3rd year Mid


    6:55am – Warning blows. I stay in bed.
    7:00am –  Reveille blows. I stay in bed.
    7:20am – Table blows. I stay in bed.
    7:25am – I sit up, throw on shorts and my newest tie-dye, and realize I’m late for table squad. Oops. Running up, I’m not the last one (luckily) and I squad table 9. After setting the table (napkins, silverware, plates, cups, etc.), I sit down and wait for staff and CTs to arrive. After a yummy meal of waffles, I help clear, and then stay after to clean the table.
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  • Fleur de Lis Camp Videos
    POSTED 8.4.16 Blog

    This summer, we’ve been creating 20-30 second videos and sharing them on social media to give you a snapshot of things going on around camp. We’ll continue uploading videos and fun moments from the summer, but keep up with our videos by following us on YouTube.

    Not into YouTube? We post goodness on our Instagram all the time, too!