2nd Year Mid Trip August
POSTED 9.12.14 Blog

For our last trip of the summer we were able to go ahead as planned, as for the most part the weather held out. We set off for Greenfield State Park on Tuesday late afternoon. When we got there we setup the tents and got a fire going. The girls moved all of the tables around into one big square table so that they could all sit together during the meals. They sang camp songs together whilst they waited for dinner to be cooked. Afterwards the spent time getting settled into their tents before making smores. As the girls were settling down to sleep we heard and saw thunder and lightning off in the distance, but for once it went around us and we were unaffected. We had some rain during the early hours of the morning, but by the time we got up it had cleared. As we packed away and had breakfast, a camp favourite of Banana Bread, the sun came out and stayed for the rest of the day. It was perfect weather for a day at the beach. The girls spent time playing in the water, reading and bonding with one another. On the way home we went to Kimball’s Farm were we enjoyed Ice cream.

-Lady Jo