Beginning at Fleur de Lis
POSTED 6.21.13 Blog

I came to Fleur de Lis Camp two weeks ago after being hired as the Assistant Director – Recruitment and Retention. Even after 11 years in camping, arriving at a place for the first time is still a bit of a scary thing- lots of new people to meet, songs to learn, and traditions to absorb. There is also just the excitement of being back at camp; there are always those parts of camp that translate from place to place. There is the feeling of walking out onto the docks in those moments before the day has truly started, the slow smile that spreads across your face when someone starts a song you recognize, and the strikingly similar smell that hits you when you walk into a camp building that’s been closed-up all winter. So with those conflicting forces of a bit of anxiety and a lot of excitement, I pulled my car up to the Farmhouse, prepared to make it my home for the next three months.

After two weeks, I know that my anxiety was unfounded and my level of excitement was not nearly high enough. I had visited the property to meet with Lady Carrie so I knew how beautiful my surroundings were going to be. Even in the cold, rainy weather that accompanied my arrival, you can not help but pause from time to time to appreciate the sense of history and tradition that lives in the walls of these buildings, the whispers of past laughter and fun out in the fields, and the promise of memories that will be built here soon.

As the returning staff started to arrive, I was struck with how clear the impact Fleur de Lis has had on them was. They are confident, open, enthusiastic young women who approached me and the other new staff with a genuine desire to welcome us into this, their second home. It has been a trend I’ve noticed in all the campers, alumnae, and past and present staff that I have met thus far – their immediate willingness to share this place and their experiences here, which is a great help to me. I want to know all of those stories because it is through understanding why so many people have loved Fleur de Lis for so long that I will be able to share its magic and legacy with new FdL families.

In that vein, we are starting this blog to share the wonder that comes with a summer at camp and more specifically, what it means to spend a summer here. So please come and visit us – whether it be online or in person. Send in your stories- as a parent, former staff, or camper – to me at . I would LOVE to hear them.

Keep checking the blog for more updates as we finish preparations for the campers to arrive on Saturday!

-Sarena Barausky