8 Things Alumnae Can Do for Fleur de Lis Camp
POSTED 1.17.18 Blog

1. Share & Share Often

The more likes and comments a post has, the more newsfeeds it will pop up in, which means the more people it will reach. We would absolutely love it if, when we post blogs, fundraisers, events, etc., you would share that with your friends & family on social media. You can easily click the share button and type a quick message to your followers about why you support camp. This is an easy way to spread the fabulous news about Fleur de Lis Camp.

2. Volunteer Time

Being that camp is nearly 90 years old, there are lots of things that need to be maintained, cleaned, and organized. We are always looking for people to do little projects around camp, whether it be scrubbing the altar, taking down cobwebs from the corners of buildings, spreading mulch, painting the mailbox, and so much more. Lots of these little projects happen on Lady Nurse Service Day. Speaking of which, mark your calendars for this year’s Lady Nurse Service Day on Saturday, June 9, 2018. If you can’t make it out to camp for Lady Nurse Service Day, you can always contact Lady Sarah (sarah@fleurdeliscamp.org) and set up a time for you (and some friends) to come out to camp and do a service project.

3. Give Financially

Whether it is $10, $100, $1,000 or more, everything helps. As a non-profit, camp relies on Alumnae to give to our annual campaigns to keep things at camp maintained and running. For instance, this year we are focusing efforts on our waterfront and docking system. In addition, the money you give supports our campership program, which assists camper families who might not otherwise be able to afford camp.

4. Invite Friends to Camp

Do you know a family that would be a great fit for Fleur de Lis? Contact Lady Hannah (hannah@fleurdeliscamp.org) and set up a tour at camp — or maybe you could even give the tour yourself. Wouldn’t it be neat to share your specific camp memories while walking around the very spot they happened?

5. Host an Open House

Take it one step further and host a Fleur de Lis Open House at your home. All you have to do is invite friends with camp-aged children and Lady Hannah will tell them all about camp. On top of that, if your friends have sons, we can partner with our brother camps and have a combined Open House! How cool is that!?

6. Update Us on Your Life

We love to hear what alums are up to. Please feel free to call, email, or write letters letting us know what you or another Alumna have been doing. We have so many wonderful people in our FDL community and we want to brag about them.

7. Connect with Camp Friends

Camp friends are the best friends! Call up your camp friends today and get coffee or grab dinner, you won’t regret it. We absolutely love hearing all of the great stories that come out of camp friends meeting up after camp. Sharing on social media with the #FDLMonth in March helps with our social campaign, too!


8. Give Us a Solid, Honest Review

More and more of our camper families are finding out about camp through the digital world. Sharing a positive experience and giving camp a positive review on Google or Facebook helps more than you think! Review us on Facebook or review us on Google — every star is appreciated.