A bit of Halloween themed musings
POSTED 11.2.13 Blog

This season, as images of pumpkins and ghosts began to amass, I kept thinking about the nature of Halloween. Here’s the thing I kept coming back to; it seems like somewhat of a let down. I am not just referring to this year’s unfortunate weather situation on the east coast but the promise and brevity of the whole thing.

Granted, for many out there, October 31st is simply about the pursuit and collection of candy. For some others, it is about mischief and fright as terrifying movies and shaving cream abound but my sense of disappointment comes from the costume portion of the holiday. Halloween is an opportunity to dress-up and pretend to be someone or something else for a while. It is a chance to step outside of our day-to-day personas and take a break from all that they bring with them.  In my travels on this past Thursday, I saw vampires, princesses, monsters, and sports stars; none of who seemed concerned with their regular life worries like car payments or looming math tests.  They were focused on living out their costume, collecting candy, and possibly wreaking a little well-meaning havoc.

My frustration is based in the once-and-done aspect of the night. You pick out your costumes, spending, at times, considerable amounts of time and/or money getting it just right. You relish in the opportunity to scare, entertain or amaze and then in a few short hours, it’s over and you are back to being you, complete with car payments, math tests, and any number of other real life worries. I’m not advocating a life of escapism where responsibilities are shirked for the sake of costumes and mischief, just a better balance between the two.

The light at the end of my Halloween themed musings was that there is summer camp- a place where we get to leave many of our real world worries behind while still being ourselves, a place where there are CT diners, costume closets, Mid Birthday, and any number of chances to dress up as whatever suits your fancy, a place where you can wear your Halloween costume at any point in the summer and it will not be questioned or judged. There is a wonderful solace in that.


-Lady Sarena