A Call to Arms- Sharing FDL
POSTED 11.19.14 Blog

It’s a fact we have all accepted- it’s hard to explain camp to non-camp people. And while we have accepted it, we have also gone over why we need to keep trying to explain the un-explainable. I mean, think of what we are depriving them of by not sharing camp- the incredible way this group of people that you have just met seem to understand you so well, the shear, undiluted joy of spending each day filled with activities that you get to pick and you can’t quite do anywhere else, meals punctuated by singing and climbing on benches, and everything else that camp brings with it.

So for the greater good, talk about camp, share the indescribable and if you are in the Boston area, tell them to come out to Arlington on this Saturday and let us talk about camp for you- FDL Informational Session and Open House from 4:00 to 6:00 pm, Saturday the 22nd at 34 Cypress Road, Arlington, MA.

-Lady Sarena