A camp podcast: stories from you
POSTED 10.24.16 Blog

We have exciting news!

Fleur de Lis Camp is starting a podcast called After Taps. Each episode will feature a different camp alum telling a story about their time at camp. Episodes are less than 10 minutes and will be shared two times a month. Every month has a different topic, too! In November, we will kick off the podcast with stories from Fleur de Lis Camp directors.

Camp is such a special place for everyone who has attended as a camper, worked as a staff member, and visits as an alumnae. Yet sometimes, it’s hard to explain whycamp is so special! We talk about the incredible community, friendships, and memories all the time – but now, we want to actually show you what those things mean by sharing the stories with you.

Have any thoughts or questions? Want to submit a story for the podcast? Email hannah@fleurdeliscamp.org.