A day in the life of a camper at FdL
POSTED 8.18.16 Blog

By Edie, 3rd year Mid


6:55am – Warning blows. I stay in bed.
7:00am –  Reveille blows. I stay in bed.
7:20am – Table blows. I stay in bed.
7:25am – I sit up, throw on shorts and my newest tie-dye, and realize I’m late for table squad. Oops. Running up, I’m not the last one (luckily) and I squad table 9. After setting the table (napkins, silverware, plates, cups, etc.), I sit down and wait for staff and CTs to arrive. After a yummy meal of waffles, I help clear, and then stay after to clean the table.

After breakfast, all the Mids go to the barn to clean up for Mid Birthday, the Mid campers’ play. It’s Aristocats. We have been practicing since Monday and it looks pretty good. After cleaning, we head to the fields to clean up our tents and cabins. In my tent, we have a chart with who does what to clean today. I look around the tent for trash, Brenna takes out the keg (trash), Eve checks to see if stuff on the lines are dry, and Michelle sweeps. Then the trumpet blows for 1st activity and…my  bed isn’t made.

Once everything is neat, I rush up to swim class where I realize it’s Endurance Day! 20 minutes of continuous swim and 20 minutes of treading. After that, I walk ALL THE WAY down the road to Archery, where I shoot a 33, and can count towards my award. After Archery, I walk ALL THE WAY back up the camp road to Stained Glass where I continue grinding the glass for my gold award. Only 6 more pieces!

I get to table first, and start setting napkins and go change out of my lake-smelling, slightly damp bathing suit.


Lunch is fried chicken (yes!), mashed potatoes, gravy, and veggie medley. After cleaning, all the Mid go to the fields for our first rest hour in a week because of Mid Birthday. I finish writing a letter to my sister, Molly, and then I practice my lines one last time.

Fourth activity blows, and I have waterski. I walk up to the Old Dining Hall (ODH) with Adele and Isa. I go first and get around the lake twice and I glide in, but I didn’t go all the way in and out of the wake, so I almost passed my bronze. Isa goes next, and gets uno n one ski, goes around twice, touches the water and hops the wake.

At rec time, I shower and change into my dress for the dinner tonight. I’m at the April table, since my birthday is in the month of April. I make cat ears for the play tonight and finish my final Spirit Sister gift! Then, table blows and it’s back up the road to help set tables again for dinner, although it is a different set-up. Dinner is chicken salad wraps (yum!) and vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting.


After dinner, Juniors go down to the fields, Seniors do dish and clean the tables, and Mids get into costumes for MID BIRTHDAY!

My costume for Duchess is a long white dress with lots of lace, along with ears.

The play goes well and then we have our Spirit Sister party, where Mids find out who has been giving me gifts (secretly) and the person who has been getting gifts from me finds out who I am.


After the SS (Spirit Sister) party, we head down to the fields to get ready for bed. I brush my teeth at the Wogs (bathrooms) and then go back to the tent and change for bed. After Lady Maddie reads us Harry Potter and the Cursed Child for a while, Taps blows, and third-year Mids get 20 minutes after Taps to read. So I continue reading and go to sleep.

by Edie