A largely unnoticed shift
POSTED 10.15.13 Blog

A change occurred recently, unnoticed by the world, except perhaps for the people who see me on a daily basis. It was not terribly remarkable; to the best of my knowledge, it will have no greater impact than to me. It seems simple, even sensible but it also brings with it an unescapable sadness and mourning. This past weekend, I retired my Chaco sandals for the season. I know, I know; it is an incredibly small, most would argue inevitable event but still it makes me a little sad. You see they are my go-to footwear from March or April until I reach “you look ridiculous to still be wearing sandals” weather. Unfortunately, here in Vermont, that weather comes sooner in the fall season than I would like. And while they may make some guest appearances on days where the weather still creeps into the 60’s, I have to accept that their time as my feet’s daily companions has come to an end for 2013.

I am not as strange and sentimental as I may sound- that actually might not be true depending on your perspective. Regardless, I mourn this shift not for the shoes but for what it indicates, summer is actually really over and I will not be at camp again for quite some time.  Just as their reemergence in my life means that camp is only a short wait away, their retirement for the season means that I have many months of not-camp to go and also lots of snow. Again, I live on a mountain in Vermont. So to lessen my footwear-induced sadness, I offer these reminders of more sandal appropriate times-

– Lady Sarena