A lesson in defeat
POSTED 2.5.14 Blog

I like to think that I am, generally, pretty excited about camp. My demeanor is such that it doesn’t always show in the traditional ways and sometimes, I have to assure people that I am not being sarcastic when I express my enthusiasm but I promise you that on a daily basis, I am psyched about camp.

Or at least, I thought I was until, at a camp fair this past weekend, two of our current campers came by for a visit.  My excitement was swiftly put to shame as we started talking about camp- past summers, next summer, favorite things, counselors, and funny stories. With every word, my defeat was becoming clearer because even on my most enthusiastic day, I would have been far outdone by their energy.

Rather than wallow in my failure, I decided to take a little pride in it. Camp is for the kids; they are the reason we are all there. If my own excitement pales in comparison to that of our campers, then I think we are probably doing a pretty good job creating that indescribable magic that made me want it to be a part of it for my life forever. So I will take this loss in stride, especially as it has only proved to enhance my excitement about camp.

-Lady Sarena