A moment unique to FDL
POSTED 1.28.14 Blog

This past Sunday, I attended the Lincoln- Sudbury Camp Fair; it was a great event and I was able to share how amazing Fleur de Lis is with a lot of wonderful parents and excited future campers. All of this is pretty standard for these events but one moment was in all ways completely unique to FDL.

So I was stationed next to one of our brother camps, William Lawrence, and as Michelle was talking to a prospective family with two sons in search of a camp, the younger of the boys wandered over and looked at my display. We started talking about camp activities and then he looked up at the top of my board where the FDL logo and camp name is. A look of recognition and a little confusion spread over his face and he turned and walked back over to his brother. I, not really having a complete grasp over what just transpired, turned around to straighten some things out.

Then getting that sense that you get when it feels like someone is watching you, I turned around. Both boys were now standing in front of the display and the older boy pointed at the FDL logo and asked me if that was my camp. I said yes and the younger one nudged his brother who then told me that his neighbor has that symbol tattooed on her ankle. I told them that some of our former and current staff had made that choice because of how much FDL means to them. The brothers looked at each other and the older of the two responded that it must be a pretty good camp to do something like that. I agreed and we parted ways as they joined their parents to continue to hear about how great William Lawrence is.

I can say that in all my years in camping, I have seen parents and kids recognize a camp all sorts of ways from direct advertising to t-shirts worn by other kids at school but this was one I had not seen before. I like to think that it shows, given in a very literal manner, how clear the impact that FDL has had on all who have spent time there. It is a legacy I am proud to help continue.

-Lady Sarena