A New Year to Enjoy Fleur de Lis
POSTED 1.1.16 Blog

It is a new year–2016!  Welcome!  I am very excited for this new year to roll in; there is so much promise and excitement that comes with it and January kicks off the new camp recruiting season!  There are a lot of places we’ll be this month and through March, check out our schedule, and we’d love to see you at an event!

Plus, the greatest marketing tool we have to recruit new campers is YOU!  Yes, you!  Campers, alumnae, staff, parents.  Your sharing of camp is THE BEST endorsement we could ever ask for.  And it doesn’t have to be the girl in your class or in your daughter’s class, it can be a neighbor, cousin, colleague.  Send camp a note, carrie@fleurdeliscamp.org,  and we’ll even send you or your friend a packet of details and trinkets about camp.

So, as Lady Carrie starts to be out and about in the community this winter, come say hi, share in the excitement and count-down to Opening Day while trying to put into works what makes Fleur de Lis so special.  With your help, we’ll continue to grow Fleur de Lis, as we have for the last five years, to continue to be the destination of choice for girls who wish to experience the Best of the Best this summer season!