A Snapshot of the Staff of 2013
POSTED 6.26.13 Blog

There are many things that make Fleur de Lis the place that it is- the beautiful setting, rich history,  beloved traditions, amazing campers and families but at the center of it all, is our staff and CT’s (Counselors in Training). It’s a sentiment that has been reflected time and time again but it is still true-  it is strange how small of an opportunity parents have to get to know us because of how much time we spend with your children and how well we are able to get to know them. In an effort to correct this imbalance, I will be posting staff and CT profiles throughout the summer so that you might be able to get to know us better. But before we get into specific staff, I would like to give you some background on us as a group-


The 2013 FDL staff has well over 200 camper years between them and that it just counting their time here!


To add onto that, they also have over 60 years as staff here at FDL.


They come from 15 different states ( New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Colorado, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New York, Wyoming, Texas, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, Maine, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin)  and 3 different countries (Australia, the United Kingdom and the U.S.).


They hold qualifications and experience in the 25 separate activities (Archery, Art, Boating, Canoe, Ceramics, Crafts, Dance, Diving, Field Sports, Games, Kayak, Knitting, Lifeguard Training, Nature, Rifle, Sailing, Sewing, Stained Glass, Surfing, Swimming, Tennis, Theatre Arts, Tubing, Volleyball, and Waterski) we offer as well as the amazing ideas they come up with for Evening Program and Password each day.


We are honored with presence of 5 former FDL Queens and over a dozen Council members.


So that’s just a basic idea of who we are, where we come from, and maybe a small idea of why we continue to come back year after year. Fleur de Lis would not be the same without its history, tradition and unique program but it is this group of young women that keep all those things alive. So keep an eye out for more staff profiles so you can get a better idea of who we are and maybe start to put faces to the names that pop up in your camper’s letters home.


-Lady Sarena