a sport of kings . . . better yet, ladies
POSTED 9.9.13 Blog

There is never a shortage of things to do at FDL- whether you are looking to take aim or cool off or make something entirely your own. But this summer, a new activity won the attention of staff and CT’s alike- roofball. The rules are straightforward-

First, you need a sloped roof (we used the Farmhouse but think that the Infirm and Cabin W would also work) and a mid-sized beach ball. Anywhere from three to six people can play at a time, depending on the space available in front of the roof.

The players stand facing the roof- the player to the left starts by serving the ball toward the roof. It must make contact with the roof in order to be considered a viable hit.

The person next in line must hit the ball before it touches the ground, again it must touch the roof. You can either hit the ball with your arms as in volleyball or kick it as in soccer or (and it’s important to note that only one person chose this method all summer) use your head.

The line continues as such so you are returning the ball of the person next to you and the person next to you will return yours. The first person in line hits the ball of the last person. When a ball is not viable or hits the ground, the person who missed or started with it serves, unless you are playing elimination.

In terms of scoring, we tried several methods- the person who fails to return the ball gets a point and it works like golf, everyone else gets a point when someone misses or does not hit a viable ball and highest point value wins, or you can play elimination where when you miss, you are out.

So this is roofball, in a nutshell. And while it has not yet caught on nationwide, it was a fiercely competitive this summer. Just take a look at these faces of determination and sportsmanship. It’s important to note that there are no uniform requirements for roofball- players are free to wear whatever they like. Flip-flops do tend to be a problem, though.

– Lady Sarena