A strange sense indeed . . .
POSTED 1.4.14 Blog

With our new Facebook endeavor, I recently spent some time in the very cold Farmhouse, looking through boxes, piles, and albums full of pictures from FDL’s past. All of this sorting brought me to two conclusions- one, I am very happy that, to the best of my knowledge, no one, aside from me, has pictures of my childhood or adolescence and two, nostalgia is an incredible force.

Nostalgia is based on our desire to relive our past, on the sense of pleasure we feel when remembering a time dear to us. It makes sense then that it would be strongest when connecting to something truly loved. I mean, how else can you explain the huge wave that washed over me as I sorted through photos, mostly of people I do not know in a place I am still getting acquainted with?

Looking at all those cabin photos and captured fun made me realize how much of my own experiences at camp I’ve forgotten We can quickly call up the big stuff, whether or not they seemed that way at the time but the details, the quiet moments that make camp the place we love, slip away over the years spent away.  Whether they depicted Mid birthday or just a moment out in the fields, what comes through in every one of those images, beyond the questionable fashion decisions we have all made, is how loved FDL has been over the years. Isn’t it time that you remembered that for yourself?

-Lady Sarena