A strange wind blows through FDL
POSTED 7.8.14 Blog

Last Tuesday was a strange day here at Fleur de Lis Camp for girls; something was certainly amidst. Bicycles were the transportation of choice for the Farmhouse jaunt down to Password where Lady Matoaka delivered her message from the opposite side of the grove. In fact, Lady Pam played the call for Password . . . on the recorder, which was strange but also very impressive.

Breakfast seemed normal enough, even if it was set to the sounds of circus music from Lady Pam’s playlist. Morning classes proceeded almost as normal, if perhaps with a little more craziness. Lunch was eaten to the dulcet tones of something called 100 Silly Songs while mail call was more of a scavenger hunt with letters scattered from the road to the Barn.

Still the strangest of them all was waiting at dinner when our table list, our very names actually, has been replaced so where Lady Suzi Harris would have once easily found her name at Table 8 now found herself listed as Lady Floozy Baroness at Table 11. Then there was the disappearing nature of Lady Carrie’s table, which went from its position under the bell to the Dining Hall lawn. And so at the end of another Pandemonium Day here at FDL, the general confusion washed away to a deep sense of gratitude that we get to spend the summer at a place where being silly just for the sake of it is somehow both a daily practice and a special event.

-Lady Sarena