A Thank You Letter to Camp
POSTED 8.7.18 Blog

Queen and Council is a Fleur de Lis tradition that has stood the test of time. Our Queen writes a speech for Senior Banquet every year; this year, Queen Jane Doyle wrote the following:

Ever since I was little, my parents told me to write thank you letters. Whether it was for a simple gift or coming to an event, I’d mind my manners and express some gratitude. Now reflecting on my final year as a camper, I believe it’s high time to show my appreciation. 

Dear Fleur de Lis Camp, 

I can remember the first time I laid eyes on you. A scared ten year-old unsure of the 3 weeks to follow. Her first time away from home, the thought of new friends was chilling. Nevertheless, you embraced me without hesitation and loved me for me, whether it was my strange quirks or somewhat loud personality. I would like to say thank you for everything. For these first jumps in Laurel Lake, for carnival cookies and camp songs. For new friends and old. For campers turned to CTs, and CTs turned to staff. For tetherball and for teaching me the value of independence and trusting me with new responsibilities. For showing me that nobody is, nor ever will be perfect. For providing a safe haven even in a world as hectic as this one. For giving me the compassion to take a chance on those different from myself. For showing me the natural beauties this earth has to offer. For the endless friends and counselors and CTs that teach me the lessons no textbook or classroom has to offer. And finally, for allowing each and every young woman here to be confidently and unapologetically herself.

Jane Doyle