A tradition of change
POSTED 6.25.15 Blog

On Sunday night here at 120 Howeville Road, we hosted a most special guest for a wonderful conversation about camp traditions and some exciting developments to the CT program. It was a night of exploring our history and discussing how the values that have guided Fleur de Lis since 1929 are allowing us to evolve without losing what camp stands for.

Simply, there are some changes afoot to our CT program and change is not something that always goes over well at camp. We hold strong to every part of this place, defensive that any slight alteration will irrevocably change our summer home.

But I don’t think you could find someone who mourns the change from beanies and ties to our current camp uniform. Just like the Dish Squads of today probably would not be thrilled to abandon our beloved Jackson (the dishwashing machine) and go back to dishes by hand.

Camp is not about ties and dish soap but about creating a community that we love so much. The alterations to the CT program and designed to do just that so while we, as camp people, fear change, our great fear is that Fleur de Lis will no longer be the place that we love. But change is hard to accept in life and at camp but it is necessary to keep FDL true to what we are really trying to do here, which is build a community that grows and develops as much as we hope our campers to and I think our changes will do just that.

-Lady Sarena