A wealth of resources
POSTED 1.30.14 Blog

There is no quicker way to elicit a groan/laugh from a camp professional then to ask them what they do over the winter. Somehow, despite what you might think, winter manages to be just as busy as the summer. I like to think of it this way- In the summer, we live camp, all day, every day. In the winter, we plan for and talk about camp, all day, every day or at least, it feels that way.

But all that planning and talking serves to make me more excited for the summer and more certain of a conviction I’ve held for years, that camp provides children (and adults) with an experience that cannot be replicated by anything else. Check out the link below for a wealth of resources to remind you just how amazing camp can be- http://soscamps.weebly.com/why-camp-is-good-for-girls.html

– Lady Sarena