A wonderful first full day, if a little wet
POSTED 6.28.15 Blog

The time has arrived; the summer has finally begun in earnest. Or more simply put, our campers have finally returned to 120 Howeville Road. The fields are now filled with 87 freshly arrived young ladies who are ready to get started meeting new friends, greeting old ones and diving back into Laurel Lake. Well, the part about the lake might be a bit of an exaggeration with the rain and the 50-degree temperatures that have blown in today.

But regardless of the weather, the magic of camp cannot be stopped. Even as the rain persists, happy faces fill the camp road as they travel from activity to activity, trying everything out before deciding what to fill their schedules with. And even though it is colder than we would like, songs still ring out in the Dining Hall as we warm our spirits with delicious food and even a pitcher of hot chocolate at breakfast. And while we had to skip free swim this afternoon, there was creating afoot in the Crafts Cabin, some serious rounds of dodgeball in the Old Dining Hall and the very first round of board games played on our Fleur de Lis decorated new wooden game cube in the Junior Lodge.

So while the weather may not have listened to our pleas to dry out today, all the things we have been so patiently waiting for since last session ended have come to pass- our campers are here, well-fed and happy, our staff are sharing their skills and talents as well as some newly completed training, and Fleur de Lis Camp is once again occupied doing what it was meant to do- provide another home to some truly amazing young women.

-Lady Sarena