A wonderful new addition
POSTED 7.22.15 Blog

Tonight, as often happens here, two of our campers shared with us something that their time here at Fleur de Lis had inspired them to create. And now I would like to share it with you all-

At Fleur de Lis

(to the tune of “Under the Sea”)

The grass is always greener

At your very own home

You dream about going somewhere

Somewhere you can call your own

Just look at this camp around you

Right out your cabin door;

Such wonderful friends around you,

What more are you looking for.


At Fleur de Lis, Camp Fleur de Lis,

Canoeing and kayak, rifle and crafts,


At home we watch cartoons,

At camp we sing fun tunes;

You know it’s better

During the summer

At Fleur de Lis!

by Mids Edie Roth and Hannah Wilson

How awesome is this!

-Lady Sarena