Welcome to Fleur de Lis Camp!

At Fleur de Lis Camp, girls ages 8-15 move through their camp days smiling, laughing, learning, and sharing. Whether it’s learning to serve a tennis ball, practicing lines for a play, swimming, or playing Capture the Flag, it’s about gaining confidence and independence.

Fleur de Lis is committed to fostering leadership skills, citizenship, and self-confidence while helping each girl reach her full potential. Our community is intentionally “age-blind”; we believe that each girl regardless of her age can help and learn from fellow campers during activities, eating together in the dining hall, and living with peers.

Fleur de Lis has been located in the beautiful Mondnock Region of New Hampshire since our founding in 1929. Fleur de Lis is the vision of a small group of women who wanted to experience and learn from their environment while respecting their community and each other. In this spirit, we keenly look out for the welfare of the place we live and each other.

*Fleur de Lis Camp is a non-profit 501c3 organization.*


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