Advice from some experts
POSTED 1.17.14 Blog

This past summer, Boston’s Parents’ Magazine named Fleur de Lis one of the Top 5 Camps for Overnight Camps, which was amazing. In addition to having a readership with excellent taste, the magazine also puts out a camp issue every year with a lot of helpful tips for parents. I wanted to share the link from last year because as Lady Carrie and I continue FDL Tour 2014, I know that a lot of parents are making a decision that can be nerve-wracking for some, the choice to send your child away from home for a few weeks for the first time. So check it out and  hopefully you will find it helpful-

And remember there is nothing that even comes close to the magical and transformative experience that summer camp can be for a child. Experts even agree with me on that one.

-Lady Sarena