All you need is love . . .
POSTED 10.26.13 Blog

Woodstock night was a huge hit this summer. It was filled with peace, love, and music. All the girls came to dinner in their tie dyed, groovy best; it was hippie attire all around with hair left down and topped off with headbands and flowers. We started off the night with a little bit of peace; everyone spreading out her towel for some yoga and meditation. For a little love, we played a few rounds of “All my friends and neighbors,” getting to know each other a little better and be as positive and loving as possible. To get a bit more into the 60’s spirit, there was face paint to add peace signs to cheeks, flowers to arms, and other Haight-Asbury inspired “tattoos.” Then we split up into groups to choreograph dances to “Don’t Be Shy” by Cat Stevens and “Brown-Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison. We capped the night off with a dance party and, a very appropriate, giant group hug. So for a night, the barn felt like it was 1969 all over again.

-Lady Katherine Collier