An Inside Scoop from the FDL Crafts Cabin
POSTED 8.6.14 Blog

With its perpetually dirty floors, endless supplies, and lines of campers asking questions of how to start a box stitch, I find myself struggling to reason why the Crafts Cabin is one of my favorite places on camp. When I first found out about my position as co-Crafts head (CCH), I laughed and started a search for my new partner in crime, the other CCH. It turned out to be my amazing cousin, Lady Cori, and she was just as surprised as I was. We set out on a mission to make Crafts as amazing as we could make it. We started with brainstorming and then settled into searching Pinterest, our new best friend, for ideas.

So we created a schedule for the sessions and made a list of supplies needed. Soon enough after cleaning the cabin and trying to learn and memorize where everything was, the first session began. Lady Cori and I were quick to announce an exciting new craft that would soon define our time as CCH’s- toilet paper roll animals. Campers began bringing then to us by the dozens, leaving them on our beds or seeming friends to give them to us.

In addition to our toilet paper collection, we also started to implement some much-needed organization. Richard donated a white dresser, which helped initiate a complete remodel of the Crafts Cabin. Reorganizing included a brand-new corner cabinet to hold pom-poms, pipe cleaners and other craft supplies and a well-decorated box to store the extremely popular duct tape collection. With all that was left to do, I started to visit the cabin in my free time to clean, make demonstration crafts, hang out and listen to the rickety old radio in the corner. Every time we get a new activity schedule, I hope that Crafts will be on it, at least once a day.

Lady Cori and I may not have been prepared initially to take on the potentially daunting positions of CCH’s. However, we’ve embraced the Crafts Cabin and made it our own. Something I’ve learned at camp is that even if singing a solo in Mid Birthday or dancing in Airbands isn’t your thing embracing a perhaps new or strange activity can completely change your view of it. Although craftiness might not be a natural strength of mine, I’ve learned to love the cabin and all of the shenanigans that come with it.

Let’s Get Crafty!

-Lady Katie