An unexpected gift- walking tacos
POSTED 11.19.13 Blog

The end of November is generally focused on two things- remembering what in your life you are thankful for and food. On that theme, camp has given me so many aspects of my life that I am extremely grateful for, from friends and memories to skills and an actual life plan. It has also provided me with some excellent food revelations (and to be fair, some really horrible ones) but year after year, it seems that no new creation will ever eclipse the place that Walking Tacos (aka Tacos in a Bag) hold in my heart. In the spirit of the season, I would like to share the object of my devotion with others.

First off, you need to understand the wonderful contradiction that is Tacos in a Bag because on a purely esthetic level, they are relatively disgusting. Allow me to explain- Walking Tacos involved combining taco fixings and a bag of crushed Doritos. They look gross; it’s as simple as that but taste awesome. They also provide something that I have always come to appreciate in a camp meal, the opportunity to customize it to your liking. The best way to ensure that campers enjoy a meal is to make sure that they can make it their own, even if that means they fill their bag with meat, cheese and sour cream while avoiding the lettuce and tomatoes.

My love of this perfect pack out menu moved beyond its flavor palette some time ago. It has been a tie that binds my experience as I moved from camp to camp, even if I had to bring it there myself. I have had them most Wednesdays when cookouts were required, I have made them in the Dining Hall kitchen and then stood on a chair to demonstrate the proper crushing technique (it’s very important to take care of it before you open the bag), and constructed them in unreasonably hot temperatures over an open fire somewhere outside of Philadelphia.

In a way that only a favorite meal can, they never fail to make me feel at home. And while my devotion has not reached the level of some who have gone so far as to make them at home, this holiday season I will take a few moment to count my camp-related blessings and the very special place that the Walking Taco holds among them. I welcome you to do the same and perhaps, share your favorite camp meal with me.

– Lady Sarena