And the nomad move on
POSTED 9.30.15 Blog

Like so many of you, camp has provided me with more life lessons that I can count. The one that came pretty early on and ended up forming the very way that I try to interact with everyone around me is that you never have so much experience, training, or knowledge that you can stop listening to the kids and counselors with whom you work. I have found that regardless of how long my time at camp stretches, I still have so much to learn, mostly from the people that inhabit this world with me. So it seems only fitting for me to share some of what you all have taught me in my time at FDL.
You have taught me definitely that there is no replacement for camp friends and that a few weeks together can stretch into a lifetime. You have shown me that a loving and supportive community, which both accepts you for who you are and challenges you to be the best version of that, can take shape overnight. You have reminded me that friendship has no age restraints and that sometimes a great conversation under the stars is worth a few less hours of sleep. You have shown me a million things but mostly what I have seen is that it would be better if everyday was a bit more like the world we create at camp and if everyone possessed the integrity, loyalty and focus on serving others that, over these three years, I have come to expect from the ladies of FDL.

So thank you for these lessons and the small part I was able to play in them.

-Lady Sarena