Back to the Fields
POSTED 6.24.13 Blog

After a day of moving trunks, a quick swim in Laurel Lake, and final hugs goodbye,  the bugle signifying bedtime has finally sounded. As taps begins to play, juniors and mids are tucked in their beds, left with thoughts about the arts or canoeing classes they will take tomorrow, while the seniors get to stay up just a bit longer, catching each other up on the highlights of the past year.

What was once a bustling field filled with eager campers is now a silent oasis where campers fall asleep to the familiar sounds of bullfrogs croaking and chirping crickets.

Yesterday morning, 27 counselors awoke anxious with excitement to meet new campers and greet old friends. Though it is my ninth year at camp, there is no doubt that I, too, get the butterflies of a first day camper.

Although I have been at camp for the past two week preparing for the summer, it is on opening day that camp transforms. It is the campers that make camp feel like home, instead of quiet fields with empty tents and cabins waiting patiently to become a second home for the summer.

If you can close your eyes and imagine cabin doors slamming as girls jubilantly flee the watch of their parents to fall into the arms of a friend who has just arrived, then you can understand the opening day of camp.

After a traditional first meal of chicken croquets and mashed potatoes, as well as a much needed evening of singing in the dining hall, campers filed into the barn where they were welcomed by silly dances and songs from the staff and CT’s (Counselors in Training) of 2013. But then the air began to cool and soon to be sleepy campers skipped back to their cabins. Counselors and CT’s waited on their beds with stories and games to help them fall asleep; I can still remember the bedtime stories my counselors told me my first year.

With all of our campers quietly sleeping, my fellow counselors and I settled into our  beds and I drifted off thinking how lucky we all are that we get to repeat the same joy and excitement of this day for the next few weeks.

-Lady Matoaka