Camp Silliness & Costumes
POSTED 1.21.16 Blog

Part of the fun of camp is dress-up.  Silliness and creativity and being a kid not worrying that anyone will think strangely of you–because they are all doing the exact same thing!  From theme dinners in the Dining Hall, to the Independence Day Parade, all the camp theater productions and general fun during EP.  Costumes and creativity make it fun!  So, campers, be sure to pack that feather boa.  Parents, yes, your camper ABSOLUTELY does need the angel wings and fairy wand from the dollar store.  And alumnae with a closet full of bridesmaid gowns and trendy fashions you wore in high school, you know they are camp gold, so please do make that gift in kind to our costume closet as we help you keep that New Year’s resolution to clean out your closet!  And just for fun, camp dress up photos for a smile!

Lady Carrie