Camper Poem: Week 3
POSTED 7.8.18 Blog

White is for clouds that dapple the sky
And for the hulls of sailboats just passing by
White is for purity, as bright as can be.
White is the first of the council three.

Green is for laurel trees, reaching so high.
And for luna moths that flutter and fly.
Green is for loyalty, as true as can be.
Green is the second of the council three.

Red is for campfires, burning so bright
And for the fireflies that light up the night
Red is for service, as much as can be.
Red is the last of the council three.

Gold is for sunsets, gilding the sky
And for the golden tans of campers nearby
Gold is the color of our queen,
Whose morals we all should live by.

Whatever your favorite color may be
ranging in shade and vibrancy
Or whoever your closest friend may be
with a spot on the council three

All of these colors, from first to last
make up camp Fleur de Lis.