Packing List


1 pair dark green shorts required
1-2 white collared camp shirts required
Sneakers whose base color is white and white socks
Fleur de Lis sweats pants and sweat shirts (optional)

Uniforms are worn only for special events including campfire ceremony and visiting days. Two-week campers coming for the session ending July 11 do not need a uniform. Uniforms may be ordered through Maine Camp Outfitters or call toll free: 800-560-6090.


4-5 pairs shorts
3-4 pair long pants or jeans
6-7 tee shirts (at least 2 with long sleeves)
Underwear and Socks – enough for 2 weeks
2-3 pajamas (light and heavy for hot/cool weather)
3-4 warm tops (sweaters, fleece, sweatshirts)
1-2 pairs of sturdy sneakers or shoes (must have shoes appropriate for sports and hiking)
1-2 pairs sandals or flip flops
2-3 bathing suits
1 waterproof raincoat and boots
Hard hat, long pants, hard-heeled shoes or boots (riders only)


Sturdy trunk
Plastic drawers personal belongings/night stand (average 2ft x 1ft x 1ft w/ 3 drawers)
Bedding: 3-4 blankets, 2 sets twin/cot sheets, 1 pillow, 2 pillow cases (Sleeping bags are only used on camping trips and are not permitted as bedding)
3-4 towels and wash clothes
2-3 beach towels
Toilet articles in a small case or bucket
Tooth brush, tooth paste, plastic cup, soap in a container, brush, shampoo, tissues
Feminine hygiene products
Waterproof Sunscreen
Bug Repellent
Flashlight and/or Battery Operated Lantern with extra batteries
Reusable Water bottle
Backpack or small duffel bag


Stationary, stamps, pens, pencils, self-adhesive stamps and envelopes
Tennis racket, softball glove (for other personal sports equipment, check with director first)
Knitting needles and yarn
Musical Instruments and music
Costumes 1 dress or skirt /skort
Swim goggles
Mosquito Netting
Favorite stuffed animal


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