Changeover Reflection
POSTED 7.22.13 Blog

After the seniors’ extraordinary performance of “Annie Get Your Gun,” a campfire to celebrate impressive accomplishments, and July campers’ tearful goodbyes, the staff and CT’s got right to work. ¬†With 84 new campers, our hands were full with preparations. We heaved bed frames, relocated mattresses, swept out tents, and even gave the costume closet a makeover. But in only 5 shorts hours, we were ready for the onslaught of August campers.

Following a traditional cold-cut lunch, the campers began streaming in, car after packed car. So many fresh faces and reunion hugs filled the fields, making camp buzz with enthusiasm. After donning smiles and bathers for swim tests, the girls set the table and sat down to our traditional chicken croquette dinner. With over 150 people in the dining hall, the cavernous rafters echoed introductions and new names. Songs and stories rang out through the meal and we all left with new friends.

During evening program, staff and CT’s introduced themselves with original songs, dances and skits before we broke into games- a raucous Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament and a hilarious round of Don’t Make Eye Contact. After evening circle, we cleaned up for bed and the quiet settled into camp.

With 4 incredible weeks already, our spirits are high and we are ready to plunge into act 2 of the summer with enthusiasm and pep.

– Lady Katherine Crowley