Farmhouse Update Fall 2019
POSTED 10.15.19 Blog

I spent today with our Executive Director, MJ Parry, and facilities manager, Richard Whipple for our annual fall walk of the property, where we look closely at our grounds and all our buildings making sure that we have an accurate understanding of our short term and long term facility needs and that we are planning accordingly.  It was a gorgeous fall day, the kind of day where the peacefulness of camp and the beauty of our setting fill you up with a love and appreciation for Fleur de Lis.


As most of you are aware, our biggest facilities issue is the Farmhouse. We have been engaged in a thorough evaluation of the building for well over a year now. As we have delved deeper into the issues that we need to address, we have also engaged with a broad range of constituents to help determine what we most need and want for this building as we approach our centennial and prepare for a great camp experience for girls heading into the next hundred years. What we have heard from you through this process is an affirmation of the emotional connections to this building. It is what we associate with the moments we arrive at camp, a symbol of the spirit that permeates the culture of Fleur de Lis, and a grounding point that holds together both the literal and figurative experience of camp days.


We have now completed the full assessments of the building and the work that needs to be done to address ongoing issues and meet current and future needs. This has included looking at regulations and specifications that affect any work we need to do. The board has been a part of this process throughout and has reviewed all the materials assembled along the way. The board is committed to undertaking a process that preserves the look and feel of the existing exterior of the farmhouse as well as some of the interior spaces. We have been reviewing plans for both renovating and recreating the building. The board has now voted to undertake a rebuilding process to recreate the farmhouse. There were a number of factors that went into this decision including the cost, timing, regulations, and potential for discovering further underlying issues.


This work will take a major fundraising effort for Fleur de Lis. We are beginning a Capital Campaign with a goal of $1.5 million to help us achieve this building project. This is our first major Capital Campaign in about 20 years when we raised $1.1 million to build our new dining hall. We have a strong committee working on this campaign. Because this is a major project and big commitment for our community, we are planning on communicating with you personally about your part in this campaign. We will be reaching out within the next six months to each of you. For this campaign we are looking for a three year pledge commitment to this endeavor. We are not asking for your commitment at this point. We will be in touch with you to share more details of the plans and to invite you to join us in supporting this vital building, so we are ready for our second hundred years! If you would love to talk specifically before year’s end for tax purposes or for any reason, please contact and we will be very happy to speak with you personally.

This is an exciting time for Fleur de Lis. I can’t wait to welcome each of you into our new Farmhouse for the summer of 2021 and am excited for the connections that will be made within its walls for generations of campers to come.


Written By: Diane (Di) Foster | Fleur de Lis Camp Board President