FDL 2013, a reflection in 11 parts harmony*
POSTED 9.16.13 Blog

There was a moment in my admittedly young life when I realized that the things that I enjoyed as a child were not necessarily going to be the things I enjoyed as an adult. This arguably inevitable realization came to me on a carnival ride at the Bridgewater County Fair the summer before I went to college. Strapped up against the wall of a circular disc that was spinning, rotating, and generally making me feel ill, I looked over at my friend Joe next to me and found a similar look of nausea on his face. After the ride was over, we peeled ourselves off that wall and hobbled over to a shady patch of grass. Sitting there, trying to regain our composure, we both kept returning to the same point, “I really remember that being fun when I was a kid . . . why wasn’t that fun?”

This was the moment that came to mind when Lady Jen told me that I would be spending some time riding along during a few tubing sessions at Circle of Fleur de Lis. Having acted as the spotter for tubing a fair number of times over the summer, I had a very good idea what I was getting into.  My first time around the lake sitting next to a thoroughly excited 12 year old, I was decidedly not. In fact, I was ill and I looked it as Ladies Sarah and Kate can attest. Somewhere in between the second and third run, my focus shifted from my own nausea and devout desire to stay inside the tube to how much fun the camper next to me was having. She was loving it, having this amazing one-of experience flying around the lake in this tube. Her screams of pure enjoyment reminded me what was fun about all those things I loved as a child- the excitement of not being in control, the joy of coming this close to danger, the stupefying exhilaration of getting really dizzy.

I am not going to assert that I loved every minute of my tubing adventure from there on out. I was still dizzy, disoriented and a bit queasy but I was incredibly thankful to Lady Jen for giving me this opportunity, for allowing me to be reminded that though the things I loved as a child are not the same as the ones I love now, they are still loved by many of our campers and there is still a chance that I might enjoy them again. Probably won’t go tubing again for awhile though . . .


-Lady Sarena

* this will be a running thread throughout the year. Think of it as an attempt at sharing everything that this summer encompassed.