FDL 2013, a reflection in 2 parts harmony*
POSTED 6.11.14 Blog

It is Aquatics week here at Fleur de Lis and the sight of our potential new lifeguards wandering into each meal with wet hair and a growing numbers of layers has me nostalgic for last year. Aquatics camp generally gets a lot of flack, mostly because the water temperature of the lake is often hovering between 50 and 65 degrees and it tends to rain. I am not going to tell you that this flack is unwarranted; it is cold and can be a bit miserable but it is also both a necessary and awesome experience.

On the practical, necessary level, we always need more lifeguards and Lady Annie and her team (Ladies Tierney, Elena, and Grace in the past two years) are excellent teachers. On an unexpected, awesome level, it is an incredible bonding experience and not only because the act of (pretending) to save someone’s life involves getting very close to them. We bond partly because it can be a bit miserable at times. This shared experience, much like moving so many bed frames and mattresses on Changeover, solidifies our connection to one another and our commitment to camp. So I say bring on the rain, though a warmer water temperature would be much appreciated.

-Lady Sarena

* this will be a running thread throughout the year. Think of it as an attempt at sharing everything that this summer encompassed.