FDL 2013, a reflection in 3 parts harmony*
POSTED 6.3.14 Blog

My countdown is over; yesterday, at about 3:22 pm, I arrived back at 120 Howeville Road with my carefully packed possessions in tow. Driving in from Keene (there was a necessary pre-camp Target run), there was a sense of relief mixed with anticipation and excitement. I was going back to camp, not for the day or a weekend retreat but for good, well three months’ worth of good.

In my earlier years at camp, my excitement to return each year was largely based in my desire to see friends. Everyone arrived around the same time so it was always the same series of events- Park car, get out of car, find out whoever else is here already. There was always hugging, running to get to the next new arrival and names yelled across the fields. It was happy chaos and what we waited for each year. It was a very similar scene to the one that we would see repeated each opening day throughout the summer.

But I knew that this would not be the scene I was walking into yesterday. There would be Ladies Jazmin and Carrie as well as a bonus appearance by Lady Christine Cressey. Seeing everyone was terribly exciting but it was still not the cause of that relief/anticipation/excitement that built as I rounded Laurel Lake. Don’t get me wrong- I can’t wait to see everyone but more than that, I was just excited to be here, to be back at this place where so much has happened and yet there is so much left to be done. I cannot wait to get started.

-Lady Sarena

* this will be a running thread throughout the year. Think of it as an attempt at sharing everything that this summer encompassed.