FDL 2013, a reflection in 5 parts harmony*
POSTED 4.30.14 Blog

Last summer, Lady Pam Fricke boldly stood in front of camp at Password and admitted that she is a Campoholic. But, really, aren’t we all? Lady Pam with all of her wit and cleverness merely put a word to the impulse that keeps us coming back. I don’t think that I am alone in  admitting that I have no real idea what a summer looks like without camp. Actually, the thought of it is somewhat terrifying and bewildering- I mean what do you do if you are not at camp?

Having accepted what we cannot change (and do not really want to), we have to think of ways to get our fix throughout the year. There’s visits from camp friends, Fall Family Festival, Farmhouse retreat and trips to camp on the off-season but this time of year, as the anticipation is almost more than we can take, we have Kimball’s Farm. That’s right- this Saturday from 11 to 2, you can indulge in camp, friends and Kimball’s ice cream all conveniently located in Westford, MA. I mean, how is a campoholic to resist?

– Lady Sarena

* this will be a running thread throughout the year. Think of it as an attempt at sharing everything that this summer encompassed.