FDL 2013, a reflection in 7 parts harmony*
POSTED 2.27.14 Blog

As we gear up for summer 2014, Lady Carrie and I have been interviewing new and returning staff members. These conversations have fueled my longing for time to speed up, the snow to melt, and camp time to be here again. It has also reminded me of something that I realized very shortly after my arrival at Fleur de Lis last summer- what am amazing group of women this place has helped to raise.

When you work with children, especially at summer camp, there comes a point when the reason that you continue to do it shifts. We return for years because of what camp has given to us- the experience, the skills, the sense of belonging and the incredible friendships. Once on staff, though, you start to realize that while you still experience all of these things, it isn’t just about you and your time anymore. You are now charged with making sure that your campers are getting everything out of camp that you did. That responsibility is now small order- how do you ensure an experience similar to one that helped make you the person that you are?

Yet, that is what we set out to each summer but it is a tall order and a somewhat strange transition. So as we interview staff, both new and returning, it becomes a vital part of the conversation. In all of the talks we’ve had so far, the staff talk about this transition will excitement, pride and a very sincere sense of obligation (in the best way possible) about the chance to give back to a community that has given them so much. At the end of each interview, I found myself taking a moment to be so incredibly thankful to know this amazing group of women and to get to work with them again this summer.

Now if time could just speed up and the snow would melt but alas, we will just have to be a little patient till camp rolls around again.

-Lady Sarena

* this will be a running thread throughout the year. Think of it as an attempt at sharing everything that this summer encompassed.