FDL on Tour 2014- A Return from Faraway Places
POSTED 2.13.14 Blog

I’m not sure that I know anyone who would call camp fairs their favorite thing. There is always some travel involved and lugging of promotional supplies, they are often on weekends or evenings, and standing for 3+ hours at a time is much more tiring than it should be. But then there are the upsides- you are talking about something that you love and believe in for those 3+ hours, you are surrounded by your colleagues and partners in this magical industry, and somehow, even though you are standing in an elementary school gym, it seems like camp.

On top of that, they generally happen in the winter, which is both a reason to rejoice and worry.  On one hand and since we are in the Northeast, it tends to complicate the travel aspect of the camp fair. But on the other hand, the wonder and excitement of summer camp can seem like a distance memory in the middle of February. But at a camp fair, you are face to face with it, talking with kids who can’t imagine anything better than spending the summer as you are describing it.  Kids who look are pictures of platform tents and ask, with a glimmer of disbelief in their eyes, if they really get to sleep in there for the whole summer.

This past weekend, I was in Texas and was lucky enough to be joined by two wonderful FDL alumnae. As we talked about camp, with each other and prospective families, I was again struck by what a wonderful legacy Fleur de Lis has. It lives in the memories and hearts of so many amazing, confident, accomplished women, who want nothing more than to share it with a new generation of campers. Why wouldn’t you want to share something that you think of as “the best thing I ever did?”

On second thought, perhaps I do know someone who would count camp fairs as one of her favorite things.

– Lady Sarena