FDL on Tour 2014- First Stops
POSTED 1.14.14 Blog

This past weekend, Lady Carrie and I headed off in somewhat opposite directions to begin the 2014 Camp Fair season properly. We set up our displays, arranged our brochures and registrations forms and counted our “freebies.” With everything set, you wait- until the fair actually begins, until you catch someone’s eye, until you get to explain to a child excited about camp why there is nothing like a summer at Fleur de Lis.

In all that waiting, you mostly do two things; you can check out other camps, which for camp dorks, such as myself, is always really exciting and you think about what sets your camp apart. In talking about FDL, I always circle back to the same things- the freedom that the girls have to explore their interests, the extensive history of this place, and the close-knit and supportive nature of the community that is created here each summer and that has existed in its own right for 85 years. With that kind of pedigree, who could possibly want to go anywhere else?

-Lady Sarena