FDL on Tour 2014- The Last Stops
POSTED 3.4.14 Blog

The next two Saturdays will mark the final leg of Fleur de Lis’s 2014 Camp Fair Tour and there is a bit of bitter sweetness to that end. I have been clear that camp fairs are not necessarily my favorite things in the world but throughout this season, my appreciation and fondness for them has grown. They have given me the opportunity to share FDL with more people, to spend time with current FDL families and alumnae, and to remember exactly how lucky I am to be able to do something that I love for a living.

So as I pack up my promotional materials and display board this weekend in Manchester, NH, I will be a little sad to know that this will be the last time until next winter but then again, the end of Camp Fair season means we are getting closer and closer to camp!

-Lady Sarena