FDL on Tour 2015- out done once again
POSTED 2.23.15 Blog

Well, I have been out done, again. Last year, I learned that my enthusiasm for camp is no match for that of our campers. This weekend, I learned that my skills as a pitchman also pale in comparison to our current campers. Now, I love talking about Fleur de Lis and what makes the incredibly special place that it is but this Saturday, I was simply no match for the pure joy that comes through when an FDL camper talks about camp. This was no tie; I had simply been beat.

Now, I am certainly going to try and step my game up but in the meantime, I encourage all of you campers out there, former or current, to talk about camp. In reflecting on my defeat, I realized the very simple logic of this loss; you see, Fleur de Lis is the amazing place that we love because of all of the campers and staff who have called it home for the last 86 years. So there is no one who can explain it better than all of you who helped to make it what it is. So please talk about camp and all that you love about it because you are what we love most about Fleur de Lis.

-Lady Sarena