FDL on Tour- Let the preparations begin
POSTED 10.17.14 Blog

As camp fair season draws near, it will soon be time again for Fleur de Lis to go on tour. So far, here is what the schedule looks like-

November 2014

11/22: Fleur de Lis Open House in Boston, MA

January 2015

1/10: Dexter Camp Fair, Brookline, MA

1/10: Sejours Camp Fair, Paris, France

1/11: KIDS Camp Fair, Brookline, MA

1/12: Concord Carlisle Camp Fair, MA

1/25: Lincoln-Sudbury Camp Fair, MA

1/31: Moorestown Friends Camp Fair, Moorestown, NJ

February 2015

2/5: Merriam School Camp Fair, Acton, MA

2/8: Fleur de Lis Open House in Morristown, NJ

2/21: Fleur de Lis Open House in Moorestown, NJ

March 2015

3/7: Parenting NH Camp Fair, Nashua, NH

3/14: Parenting NH Camp Fair, Manchester, NH

This list will inevitably grow and change but I am putting it out there so that you can plan ahead. Please consider coming out and joining Lady Carrie and I at a stop near you.

-Lady Sarena