#FDLMonth: Why Fleur de Lis Camp is doing a virtual campaign in place of a winter event
POSTED 3.1.16 Blog

After a harsh New England winter in 2015, it seems Mother Nature has been on our side this year, giving us 60 degree days in February, sparse snow fall, and heaps of sunshine! Usually, Fleur de Lis Camp hosts an “in-real-life” (IRL) event during these blustery winter months, asking dedicated campers, parents, and alumni to join us for a day of fun. This year, we’re going in a different direction:

What is #FDLMonth?

Who: You! Fleur de Lis campers, parents, alumni, corporation members, etc.
Where: Wherever you can! Some ideas: your house, the local coffee shop, a pizza place, the local park
When: The month of March
How: Reconnect with Fleur de Lis community in your area. Send an email, make a phone call, or maybe post on Facebook asking for interested FDLers to do an activity of your choice. Make sure to take a picture while you’re hanging out together!

#FDLMonth is a month-long social media and digital campaign that encourages our community to gather wherever you are and host your own winter event. Perhaps FDL families in the Boston area will gather for a potluck dinner. Or, maybe former campers who have ended up in Chicago will decide to grab some coffee.

Regardless of where you go and what you do, take a picture of your gathering and send it our way! We’ll repost your #FDLMonth pictures on social media for a fun contest: photos with the most likes and shares will receive a unique Fleur de Lis prize.

For our Circle of Fleur de Lis campers, staff, and volunteers, we encourage you to use the hashtag #CircleMonth.

Why #FDLMonth instead of sledding or a bounce house somewhere in the New England area? 

We want to engage more of our awesome Fleur de Lis community! Our last few winter events have been a blast, but have only brought out a small number of people. That is partially because winter weather conditions, as we have witnessed, are hard to predict. But our low attendance rates are also because our community extends way beyond the New England area: we have families in Europe and South America who aren’t able to attend winter events simply because they are too far!

Doing a “virtual event” like #FDLMonth puts the power of reconnecting and technology in your hands, giving you a great reason to get together with the people you have made amazing memories with on Laurel Lake.

This is the first time Fleur de Lis Camp is doing anything like this, so please don’t hesitate to call, email, or Facebook message us with any questions. We also want to hear your feedback: was it hard to organize? Did you enjoy the flexibility of setting your own get-togethers?

Last but not least, Fleur de Lis Camp needs your help!

Have you voted for Fleur de Lis Camp as Best Overnight Camp in Boston Parents Magazine? If not, now is your chance! Voting ends April 15, 2016.

  1. Go to: http://bostonparentspaper.com/content/best-of-the-best.html
  2. Enter your name, address and email in the spots above
  3. Below “Camps & Classes,” type “Fleur de Lis Camp” under “Overnight Camp
  4. Agree to Terms & Conditions
  5. Click “Submit”!

Please spread the word about voting for FDL, too: share the link on social media and via email. And here’s a fun idea: hosting a Voting Party for #FDLMonth, where FDLers submit votes for the contest over good food and fun!

Happy #FDLMonth!

– Lady Hannah