FDL’s 2014 Staff-A desert island full of Fleur de Lis Staff*
POSTED 12.5.14 Blog

This summer I posed some new questions to our staff, including “If you were marooned on a desert island, what one object and one person would you want with you?” To say the least, our staff took many different angles with this one. Take a look-

Lady Jazmin- Lady Pam because she is the BEST

Lady Katherine Collier- A big box of regular Cheez-its

Lady Gemma- A Boat and David Beckham

Lady Rebecca- A towel and someone who can get me safe food and water

Lady Christine- A laptop with internet and someone I love

Lady Annie- My niece, Ayla, and s’more supplies

Lady Matoaka- Fleur de Lis camp staff and a teapot

Lady Katie- Olaf from Frozen and an igloo

Lady Morgan- Food and Jon Stewart

As you can see, no two answers are even close to the same, much like our staff. Stay tuned for more fun facts.

-Lady Sarena