FDL’s 2014 Staff*- Some Favorite Parts of Camp
POSTED 10.22.14 Blog

Given the weather forecast for the week here on the East Coast, I thought it was best to focus on warmer times and some of the most dearly loved parts of a summer at Fleur de Lis. Here are some answers to a very difficult question-

Lady Jazmin- the comraderie with the staff, the confidence exhibited by everyone, and all the available junk food in the Farmhouse.

Lady Hannah Fricke- CT Cottage

Lady Jo- Waterfront

Lady Bridget Scollan- Farmhouse lawn right before lunch

Lady Katherin Collier- Password Grove

So take a moment today and think- what is your favorite part of camp?

-Lady Sarena

*This will be a running thread this year in hopes of letting you get to know this awesome group better.