FDL’s 2014 Staff- Some things you might not know*
POSTED 11.11.14 Blog

I love this question- What is something not everyone knows about you? To be fair, I am, in general, a huge fan of almost any open-ended question, mostly because I like to see how each person interprets the query. In the case of this question, though, my appreciation goes a bit deeper. So many of our staff grew up together that they often struggle to think of something that not everyone knows which leads to some very unexpected answers. Here is some proof of that-

Lady Georgia- I can flip a whole Pringle into my mouth without breaking it.

Lady Mollie- I have been on English TV. I was on the Paul O’Grady Show with my primary school friends; we taught him how to skip. I also met Westlife and hung out in their dressing room during this experience.

Lady Jo- I was in the National Youth Squad for Sailing.

Lady Maddie Nash- I once had a robo dog.

Lady Claire- I can only sing one song kinda well- Sunday Morning by Maroon 5.

Lady Matoaka- I would like to go to culinary school.

Lady Katie- Astrological signs confuse me.

Lady Emily Tingle- I am afraid of chandeliers.

I hope you enjoyed these fun facts and perhaps take some time to ask yourself- What is something no everyone knows about you?

-Lady Sarena